Caucasus Trading

Caucasus International was born in the post-soviet era in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Georgia where scrap metals including both copper and steel became abundant in central Asian countries. Over the next twenty years, Caucasus International diversified its portfolio to include construction materials and equipment while retaining its core service as a scrap metals supplier. In this time, Caucasus also relocated its operations to South Korea until 2006 and then to the United States, and currently mainly sources scrap materials in the US. We are currently headquartered in the Capital Area of Virginia. Caucasus has also opened a second office for it in Morocco.
A brief glance at Caucasus’s history in the industry; Caucasus has worked with some of the industry leaders in Asia like Bow Steel, and Copper Tube headquartered in Shanghai, Hyundai’s Steel company in South Korea, Copper Cable in ·India, and Copper Tube in Vietnam. Currently Caucasus is engaged in supply to various far-east and middle eastern companies in partnership with AMECO trading in Bahrain. AMECO enhances our market coverage and capabilities in several areas of our trade, including scrap copper.

Caucasus supplies and provide professional services primarily in the non-ferrous metals area, its services include:

  • Supply of un-processed scrap Copper metals including Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Mixed Brass, Irony Brass, clean yellow brass and clear red brass

  • Supply of scrap electrical motors of various sizes

  • Supply of electrical transformers of various sizes

  • Supply of scrap Aluminum

  • Supply of scrap aluminum radiators

  • Supply of scrap Steel

  • Supply of processed and cleaned copper per client specifications and requirements

  • Inspection and consultancy services for scrap metals

  • Quantity Surveying and price estimates for scrap metals

As stated above, Caucasus has served some of the world leading clients such as:

  • Vietnam Piping Factory, Zaigon, Vietnam, 99.99 Copper and mixed scrap copper

  • SI Industries, Mumbai, India, 99.9 Copper and Brass

  • Baosteel, Shanghai, China, 99.99 Copper

  • Baosteel, Shanghai, China, HMS-1 Steel

  • Baosteel, Aluminum scrap Grade A

  • PMeX Inc, Seoul, Korea, Aluminum Pellets 99.99

  • Channel Korea Company, Seoul, Korea, Aluminum scrap Grade A

  • Baku Steel Company, Baku, Azerbejan, HMS-1 steel

  • Recuver SL, Vizcaya, Spain, Aluminum Grade A and 99.99 Copper

  • Asia American Trading, Hong Kong, HMS-1 scrap steel

  • North China (Harbin High Tech) – scrap railway tracks

  • Techno Service Co, Korea, HMS-1 scrap steel

  • Hyundai Steel, Korea Scrap Steel, over 1 Million Ton HMS-1

BT Cables

BT CABLES and AMECO TRADING have worked together to supply low current and communications cables in very complex projects with very stringent specifications and approval demands.

BT Cables Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT Group PLC with manufacturing and commercial
operations in the UK that supports and supplies a Global client base.
Our comprehensive cable and accessories product portfolio enables us to service effectively many market
sectors including Telecommunications, Utilities, Infrastructure, Buildings, Industrial and Rail.
Cable manufacturing at our Manchester plant is steeped in history with the factory being continuously
operational for more than 115 years, this longevity brings invaluable experience and expertise which has seen
the operation evolve to what it is today – a world class, Industry respected cable manufacturer and supplier.
Our business philosophy is simple:

  • Understand our customers’ needs!

  • Develop solutions to meet those needs!

  • Ensure we deliver first class quality product, on time, every time!

For a brief about BT Cables products click here:

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