Industrial Metals

AMECO Trading primarily supplies re-cycled non-ferrous metals to industrial plants that require these metals as raw materials. AMECO undertakes this in conjunction with Caucasus International of the USA. Together, we ensure supply chain continuity and cost-effectiveness to metals-based manufacturing plants.

AMECO sources its metals primarily from the United States and Canada, and supplies it to a multitude of clients in the Far East and Middle East. We have in-house processing capability to ensure delivery of 99.99% grade copper. We also supply copper, brass, and other copper-based alloys at quality levels required by the client. A detailed list of products and services in this area is shown below:

  • Supply of un-processed scrap Copper metals including Yellow Brass, Red Brass, Mixed Brass, Irony Brass, clean yellow brass and clear red brass

  • Supply of scrap electrical motors of various sizes

  • Supply of electrical transformers of various sizes

  • Supply of scrap Aluminum

  • Supply of scrap aluminum radiators

  • Supply of scrap Steel

  • Supply of processed and cleaned copper per client specifications and requirements

  • Inspection and consultancy services for scrap metals

  • Quantity Surveying and price estimates for scrap metals

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